Lead Analyst - Marketing and Sales (CMP 47260)

Company Name:
Company: Central
Power (CMP)
Department: Customer Service
Job Title: Lead Analyst - Marketing & Sales
Reports to: Director - Marketing & Sales
Location: CMP-ME-Augusta
Cross Company Responsibility: No
CMP-ME-Augusta General Office
Scope of Work - Main duties, settings, geography, reporting relationships, other relationships:
Leads data analysis and product and service design to achieve corporate objectives. Applies education and skills to complex business challenges. Leads strategy development and solution implementation to achieve corporate goals. Works seamlessly across departments and companies to design, develop and implement strategic priorities. Strong desire to satisfy the customer. Reports for duty in storm situations.
MAJOR ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Scope of work - range of responsibilities):
1. Completes data collection and analysis to form conclusions that drive decision-making. Duties include, but are not limited to:
a. Design and implementation of data collection (survey designs, database structures).
b. Data manipulation and presentation (statistics, tables, graphs).
c. Data analysis (statistics, tests for correlation, significance, trends).
2. Uses knowledge/skill with data sources, databases and analysis tools to provide analysis to the organization to driver performance.
3. Provides Management reporting on key performance metrics including, but not limited to:
a. Regulatory targets.
b. Financial performance.
c. Customer Satisfaction.
4. Supports the development of strategy and plans to achieve key corporate objectives.
5. Supports Implementation of initiatives to drive performance. Tracks performance.
6. Manages vendors for on-time, on-budget delivery of products and
Education & Experience Required:
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing or related field.
Advanced degree preferred.
A minimum of 3 years experience with data analysis, statistics.
Design and implementation of data collection (survey designs, databases).
Data manipulation and presentation (statistics, tables, graphs).
Data analysis (statistics, tests for correlation, significance, trends).
Reporting on key performance metrics (targets, glide paths, financials).
Strong problem solving and data presentation skills.
Competency Requirements:
It is preferred that for this job, the candidate fulfills the requirements in terms of levels indicated below.
1. Delivering for the Business:
Global view of the Business - Advanced level
Achieving Results and continuous improvements - Advanced level
Initiative - Advanced level
Innovation & Creativity - Advanced level
2. Global Relationships:
Flexibility & Globalization - Competent level
Customer Focus - Advanced level
Communicating & Influencing - Advanced level
Team Work - Advanced level
3. Global Leadership:
Team management - Competent level
Developing Others - Competent level

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