Lead Advisor - Labor Relations (IUMC 47436 5444)

Company Name:
Company: Iberdrola USA Management Corporation (IUMC)
Department: Labor Relations
Job Title: Lead Advisor - Labor Relations
Reports to: Director - Labor Relations
Location: IUMC-ME-Augusta General Office / IUMC-ME-Portland (1 position)
Cross Company Responsibility: Yes (IUMC, RG&E;, NYSEG, CMP)
IUMC-ME-Augusta General Office
Scope of Work - Main duties, settings, geography, reporting relationships, other relationships:
This position is the primary liaison between management and local union representatives. This position administers the grievance procedure (investigating, analyzing, and resolving contractual disputes between management and labor, conducts disciplinary investigations and administers disciplinary actions). This position conducts complaint and disciplinary investigations. This position advises and provides training to all levels of management on administration of collective bargaining agreements, grievance procedures, and the company's labor relations policy. Among other responsibilities, this position assumes the role of chairperson and spokesperson for the company committee in the second and third steps of the grievance procedure; prepares for, participates in, and advises on contract negotiations, and prepares for and participates in arbitration hearings and other legal actions involving employment matters.
MAJOR ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Scope of work - range of responsibilities):
1. Assumes the role of chairperson and spokesperson for the Company committee on labor relations matters in the area assigned. This includes chairing third step grievance meetings and other meetings with the union leaders on matters impacting bargaining unit members.
2. Oversees investigations, analyzes facts, reaches conclusions, presents and defends these conclusions both orally and in writing, facilitates resolutions to issues, if possible, by balance the competing interests of various parties to reach sound business decisions and achieve business objectives and properly document all interactions and resolutions and prepares cases for arbitration or other legal forums, if necessary.
3. Oversees and participates in all aspects of adversarial proceedings including arbitration and any other legal actions against the Company, as necessary.
4. Oversees disciplinary investigations, including the preparation, drafting, and presenting of charges, and administers discipline as appropriate.
5. Takes a lead role for the Company in ensuring proper adherence to all contractual and legal requirements.
6. Partners with management and human resources to develop and implement human resources initiatives to help the Company succeed in a competitive environment.
Education & Experience Required:
Bachelor's Degree in related field.
MBA or JD is preferred.
A minimum of 4 years of professional labor relations experience or the equivalent.
Experience in negotiations and grievance resolution preferred.
Able to work with minimal supervision.
Able and willing to travel.
Thorough knowledge of labor relations and human resources functional areas, laws and regulations.
Excellent working knowledge of MS Office, Lotus Notes and SAP (where applicable).
Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Strong time management, scheduling and organizational skills.
Full Time Employment
Position will be located in either: Augusta General Office or Portland (1 position)

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