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Tradesmen International, Inc.
Tradesmen International is proud employ America's best marine-dedicated craftsmen. If you're a marine-experienced craftsman who emphasizes safety, productivity and superior craftsmanship, we want you to join our team. We are recognized internationally as a leading source for reliable, skilled craftsmen with thousands of employees serving the world's best shipyards and yacht builders. With hundreds of active clients, we have a plenty of great job opportunities for marine fiberglass technicians who are the best in their field. We offer consistent work, top pay, benefits, and safety training to our employees. If you are a qualified fiberglass technician and want to be a part of the nation's elite marine skilled workforce, this is your chance to advance your career.
Marine Fiberglass Technician:
1. Minimum 2 years Marine Composite Boat Building experience.
2. Familiar with boat building processes including hand lay-up, Gelcoat, vacuum bagging (wet, infusion, and prepreg), lamination and plug and tool building
3. Experience using epoxy, polyester and vinyl resins
4. Experience in cutting, fitting and bonding of foam and honeycomb cores.
5. Trimming and fitting, surface preparation and bonding of cured components.
6. Skilled knowledge and use of epoxies and vinylester resins or other adhesives to bond parts and perform basic fiberglass repair.
New yacht client in Maine, The Hinckley Company which has given us a substantial order for their production facility in Trenton, Maine
James Anderson
Date: 2014-07-17
Country: US
State: ME
Postal Code: 04332
Category: Marine Trades - Joiner

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