Bindery Supervisor: Augusta, Maine

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Responsible for all work performed in the bindery. Manage production in the department; responsible for productivity, quality, timeliness, and cost control of work in the bindery. Assign work and give instructions to personnel. Plan, organize, influence and control issues related to efficient bindery processes and effective personnel. Work cooperatively with all production supervisors and customer service/sales personnel to ensure the highest quality products are produced and delivered on time.
o Directly supervise the assigned production functions to ensure the production of the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, while meeting company standards for quality and performance.
o Lead cross functional "Zero Defect" meetings to ensure the continuous, on-going improvement of processes, methods, productivity and quality, while reducing costs.
o Perform inspections on products and processes, ensuring the meeting of quality standards in accordance with customer and company specifications. Provide signature when job is approved to run.
o Assist in the improvement of time standards.
o Address and resolve inquiries and problems related to assigned functions.
o Ensure the training of new and present employees in the processes and methods required to achieve the company's standards for quality, quantity and safety, and consistent with the company's principles.
o Develop and maintain positive employee relations and ensure open lines of communications with employees.
o Keep abreast of new methods, processes and procedures in order to keep up-to-date. Recommend changes or improvement in equipment.
o Order supplies for department as needed.
o Stage materials as needed.
o Run equipment when required.
o Ensure the completion of all required records, paperwork, reports, documents, etc.
o Provide regular feedback to employees throughout the year, and complete annual written performance reviews with all bindery employees.
o Schedule vacations in the department.
o Keep management informed on general conditions and on matters of importance which could impact quality, cost, safety and/or employee morale.
o Ensure compliance with all safety and work rules and regulations. Ensure the maintenance of departmental housekeeping standards.
o Additional responsibilities as required.
At least three years of commercial print experience in production supervision, or project management is required, or the equivalent in a related manufacturing environment.
High School Diploma
An individual should be proficient with computers and Microsoft Office platform. This person must also feel comfortable carrying out Internet-based research. Must have a valid driver's license.
PHYSICAL DEMANDS (in a usual workday)
Sit Total hours/day 1.0 Hours at one time 0.5
Stand Total hours/day 5.0 Hours at one time 0.5
Walk Total hours/day 2.0 Hours at one time 0.5

Don't Be Fooled

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