Equipment Engineer

Equipment Engineer
Company Work Location:ME

o Evaluate and implement creative solutions to insure necessary availability, improved performance and
reduced cost.
o Write maintenance procedures and train equipment technicians on shifts to perform PMs per the procedures.
o Resolve unplanned equipment issues and update necessary documentation.
o Reduce variation in availability and obtain an M-ratio of > 1 through improvements in PM procedures.
o Develop and implement a migration strategy from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.
o Write maintenance procedures and fully train equipment technicians to perform the procedures.

o BS in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or an AS degree in an Electro-Mechanical field with applicable
field experience.
o 5 yrs diffusion field experience with Apogee and TEL furnace experience preferred.
o Demonstrated experience in diffusion / oxidation platforms including:
o TEL Alpha8 S/SE Furnaces
o BTU Apogee 1+ Furnaces
o Semitherm VTP-1500 Furnaces
o Bruce BDF 200 Horizontal Furnaces
o MRL 1424 Furnaces
o Demonstrated experience in diffusion / oxidation metrology including:
o Contamination control (SPV, CV, Tencor, Orbot)
o Process monitoring (Thickness, stress)

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